Everything is freshly prepared to order and sent to the customer in simple but strong packaging to keep costs down whilst maintaining the highest quality standard of the products themselves.

Our mission at A Touch of Butter is sharing my expertise as a certified aromatherapist by producing hand crafted natural products with imagination, originality and creativity.

The homemade lotion has definitely helped to calm Aiden's eczema. As you know, it has been a challenge finding products that are nut and soy free. Your products have been amazing in healing his skin. I am still using the cream you made on my belly and thighs. It has truly helped to restore the elasticity in my skin after childbirth. I use it all over after evening showers and just before bed as an added treatment.

Monique Solomon
Loyal Customer

Felicia King

Certified Aromatherapist

A Touch of Butter Company was founded in the fall of 2016 in Odenton, MD. It was started because of my desire to create natural products for my family. I also wanted to educate family and friends on the benefits and uses of essential oils. My products are all natural, organic, and totally vegan. I believe using natural products are much better for your skin than the chemical laden ones we are accustomed to using.

As my family and friends began to use my products they enthusiastically expressed the many benefits and complements they were receiving from its use. The increase of my clientele came by word of mouth. My goal is to help others improve their well-being through the use of essential oils.

 I take a hot bath either with lavender, chamomile or ylang, ylang, essential oils. I fully believe in the benefits of essential oils and I use only the highest quality of ingredients.

The three most commonly asked questions are: 1.) What are essential oils? 2.) How are essential oils used? 3.) How can essential oils benefit me? First, essential oils are fragrant and the most powerful part of a plant. Secondly, essential oils may be used in aromatherapy, inhalation, or topically on the skin. Thirdly, the benefits of essential oils are that they are antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and sedative. Learning to use essential oils is the ultimate way to care for yourself because it is holistic and a gentler approach for treating what is making you ill.

My favorite ingredient to use is coconut oil because it has amazing properties that can help your body internally and externally. My soaps, body butter, lotions, and balm have three main ingredients. Shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E are essential ingredients used because they are good for the skin. I do not use preservatives. My products are made in small batches to retain freshness and to keep customers cost low.  

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